Q: What is DO.GROUP?

A: We are a design collaborative with the goal of empowering young designers with the skills needed to bring their work to market.

Q: What is a Bundle?

A:  Bundle is our first collaborative project born out of a school assignment to research unconventional uses for architectural materials. We ended up working with patterns and plastic, and then Bundle was born.

Q: How can I use my Bundle?

A: Anything from groceries to gym clothes, to books, to beach items. The bag expands to fit what you need and can accommodate items with awkward corners. It is also great for wet or messy objects.

Q: Will my stuff fall out?

A: Due to the nature of its expandable design, Bundle is ideal for nestling medium-sized objects (like an orange, T-shirt, or computer mouse). Smaller objects such as pens or coins can be placed in a small pouch or container inside your Bundle.

Q: What are they made of?

A: It is made of a single layer of reinforced matte plastic. It will withstand heat, tearing, and can be easily cleaned by hand with soap and water.

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